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A Guide to Buying a Personal Computer and Bad PC Habits to Avoid

Buying a personal computer may take a lot of time, energy, and confusion. With the wide array of PC brands, budget boundaries, and scary reviews from gadget Vloggers of exploding devices, it could be hard. Nonetheless, you have to relax and clear your mind. There will always be that ideal device for you. You can even consider a personalised, built-from-your-own-preferences computer from a PC builder Australia has today.

What Kind of User are You?

It’s important to know what kind of user are you to avoid regrets. It might help you or the salesperson in choosing the best model that matches your usage, needs, and computer habits.

If you’re more of a writer who listens to music, you don’t need a mega-powerful PC unlike those who edit movies or play online games.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to study every inch and a bit of the specifications. You only need to inquire about what each feature of the specs means and what they imply as a whole for the user.

When listing down your hobbies and interests that involve using a PC, these questions might help you sort them out:

–        Does your average work operation include heavy usage of PC?

–        Do you need to buy applications that take up a lot of memory?

–        Do you like downloading movies or streaming them through Netflix?

–        Are you a hoarder? How often do you delete files or transfer them to an external hard drive?

Considering Personalised PCs

It was mentioned above that you could consider paying for a personalised PC. Wait, what? Isn’t that redundant—personalised PCs? Well, if you haven’t heard of PC builder Australia has these days, it’s normal to feel confused.

A PC builder Australia has today is a service provider who lets you choose your own PC specifications and they build, assemble, and install the programs of your own choice. What’s even cooler is you can buy your made-to-order product from an Australia PC builder for a much lower price compared with a pre-assembled PC you buy or loan in computer stores!

If you’re looking for the best PC builder Australia has, you should choose an extremely flexible service provider. With that said, you can’t find a better PC builder in Australia than the likes of Make My PC.

With their allowance for pre-selected packages and an option for you to choose your own parts, programs, and specifications, the power is all in your hands. Nonetheless, if ever you’re going to consider buying a made-to-order PC, remember to be open to suggestion from the experts.

Avoid these Bad PC Habits

While you are probably well-aware that a PC needs to have a tender loving care to last long, you still need to watch out for these bad habits. Don’t hesitate to call a pro in case the going gets tough and a quick search on Google for DIY-fixes won’t cut it.

Here are some bad PC habits to avoid:

–        Avoid Cold Reboots. It means randomly turning off your PC from the Power button. Instead, practice the Warm Reboot. This means turning off your PC by clicking the Start button > Power button > Shut down.

–        Don’t use up all the hard drive space you have. The free space on your hard drive helps programs function properly.

–        Don’t allow multiple background programs to run at the same time. Always check the task managers for any sneaky programs running without your permission.

–        Make sure to update your program with the latest versions required for your system.

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