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Effective Tips To Go For Rental Service In Thailand

When you travel to a place for a long time, it is better to take an apartment on rent rather than paying for a hefty hotel bill. This is more beneficial in various tourist places of Thailand as rentals in Thailand are very easily available, and they do not cost a lot of money.

When you plan to take a flat or an apartment on rent, it is evident that you would be doing some background checks on the place. You would definitely not want to get into a house that would cause trouble for you at a later point of time. So what checks do you do?

Start with price and location

While choosing rentals in Thailand, obviously your first checkpoint would be the rent. You are taking a place on rent because you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Hence if the rental service would be charging you heavily, there is no reason why you should go for that.

The second checkpoint is the location of the apartment. You are a tourist; hence it is obvious that you would spend most of your time out there in the city exploring various tourist spots. Hence, the location of the rented apartment or house has to be such, which provides easy access to the various tourist attractions. If you are visiting a sea side city, it would be the best thing if you manage to find an apartment on rent just next to the sea beach. Even if the tourist attractions are not nearby, they should be at least close enough to rail stations or bus stops so that commuting to the various tourist places from the rented house is not a tough task at all.

Check the inclusions and conditions

While you take the flat on rent, you should also be checking on the inclusions of the contract. Electricity, water heating, cable connection, internet access, access to a swimming pool, etc.  are some of the things that are usually included in the rental agreement when you opt for rentals in Thailand. You need to check with the landlord, whether he is including all these or leaving out some.

While most of the rental properties are very well maintained, but still to be on the safer side, you should be checking all the physical aspects of the apartment before signing the rent agreement with the landlord. Conditions of the pipes, condition of doors and windows, wall paints, etc., should be checked thoroughly before you take an apartment on rent.

Usually, most landlords ask for a half the monthly rent as an advance booking amount and while you opt for a rented apartment in Thailand or other Asian countries, you would be required to follow the same norms. There are many rental services that offer certain duration of free stay if the overall rent duration is on a higher side. You should be checking for such offers before you finalise your deal of renting an apartment with any of the land owners.