How Dynamic Computer Solutions Can Help You Secure Your Computer

Computers can be a challenge to deal with at times. Many times, the data stored there is very sensitive, and if it were to get out to third parties, then you might end up being destroyed either professionally or in life at general. That is why you need dynamic computer solutions to help you secure your machine.

Secure desktop with a password

If you are not prompted to key in a password every time you turn on your computer, then you need to secure it with one. It is very important to keep off prying hands. Some people never seem to respect properties that belong to others and they are the first ones to announce to the world what they have found out during their mischievous ways. Woe unto you if the information was classified.

Anti-virus installation

There are many threats which can attack your machine while you are browsing the Internet. Apart from this, others might be introduced into the system if you install a corrupted external hard drive into it. That is why there is anti-virus software to protect you against such. However, remember to keep it updated via dynamic computer solutions.

Do not take action on pop-up Anti-virus software prompts

Even though there are some of the pop-ups which are genuine offers for the software, most of them are usually meant to get information on your finances. Once you key in personal information and financial details, the cons behind the pop-ups will make use of them to steal from you.

Browser plug-in for web reputation

Hackers and scammers are advancing their tricks each and every day to extort money from as many people as possible. It is becoming difficult to know whether a certain website is genuine or not. However, there are plug-ins which will give you an alert on the genuineness of the sites you open. It ensures that you do not log into websites which contain threats innocently.

Email Spam filter

Emails are also targets when it comes to damaging software and virus. You might not even recognize that some of them are threats. They can even be emanating from your trusted friends. Therefore, you ought to scan them for the virus before you open. If you are in doubt, you can just delete it straight away. Ensure that you do not open the email before deleting because you will have disseminated the virus to the rest of the files by doing so.

Scanning external hard disks

Before you open an external hard drive that you have plugged into your computer ensure that you have scanned it for the virus. There are anti-viruses which will do this automatically and delete the file. However, others will require you to select the option that allows the software to go through the contents of the files to detect whether or not there is an anti-virus.

If you doubt the condition of the files in your machines, bring them to dynamic computer solutions immediately so that we can look into it. For more information on our services, visit http://www.dcsservices.com.au/